Michael Finnissy - Maarngu (1982)

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The following works have been performed by IXION

(*denotes 1st performance)

Harrison Three expositions (1997)  
Toovey Veiled Wave I (1985)*  
Boulez Domaines (1969)  
Cardew Mountains (1977)  
Dillon Crossing/over (1978)  
Dusapin Itou (1985)  
Finnissy  Cirit (1982)  
Finnissy  Marrngu (1982)*  
Globokar  Dédoublement (1975)  
Koskelin Exalté (1985)  
Mandat Rowzer (2005)  
Reich New York Counterpoint (1985)  
Scelsi Ixor (1956)  
Stravinsky Three pieces (1919)  
Toovey Veiled Wave II (1985)*  
Toovey Pump triptych (2016)*  
Finnissy All the trees they are so high  
Finnissy Ének (1990)*  
Toovey Pendu and fast net (1993)*  
Toovey Lament, strathspey, reel (1988)*  
Clapperton Epitaph on a suicide (1989)*  
Steincke C-Arco (1988)  
Toovey the (silvery yesclowns tumble!are made per!form (1987)*  
Cutler Strikin' out (1999)  
Dillon Ti.re-Ti-ke-Dha  
Feldman The King of Denmark  
Finnissy Hinomi (1980)  
Anderson Two songs for Michael (2006)*  
Asmus Knell (1988)*  
Attwood Sixty seconds for Michael's sixtieth (2006)*  
Babbit Post-partitions  
Breeze Pas de deux (2006)*  
Cage Ophelia (1946)  
Cage Dream (1948)  
Cage Waiting (1952)  
Clapperton Antenora (1988)  
Clapperton Caina (1987)  
Clapperton Guidecca (1988)  
Clapperton Haar (1988)  
Clapperton Ptolomaea (1988)  
Clapperton The testament of Cressied  
Cowell The banshee  
Crane Steyning (2006)  
Dillon Spleen (1980)  
Feldman Intermission V (1952)  
Feldman Palais de Mari (1986)  
Feldman Piano piece (1952)  
Feldman Piano piece (1964)  
Feldman Piano piece (to Philip Guston) (1963)  
Ferneyhough Lemma-Icon-Epigram  
Finnissy All.fall.down (1977)  
Finnissy B.S. (1986)  
Finnissy English country tunes (1977)  
Finnissy G.F.H. (1985)  
Finnissy Gershwin arrangements (1988)  
Finnissy Hikkai (1983)  
Finnissy Ives (1974)  
Finnissy Liz (1980)  
Finnissy Piano concerto no. 6 (1981)  
Finnissy Verdi transcriptions (1981)  
Finnissy White rain (1988)*  
Giogetti Happy birthday (2006)*  
Hannan Joyrider (2000)*  
Hannan Diamond (2006)*  
Hayes Strides (2006)*  
Hodges A piece for Kathi  
Ives Piano sonata no. 1 (1910)*  
Ives Piano sonata no. 2 "Concord" (1912)*  
Keeley Volando (2006)*  
Mason Three études  
Mossolov Sonata no. 1  
Mossolov Sonata no. 2  
Mossolov Sonata no. 4  
Mossolov Sonata no. 5  
Newman A book at the piano (1986)  
Newman The mistake pianos 1 and 2 (1990)  
Newman Piano sonata no. 1 (1982)  
Newman Piano sonata no. 2 (1983)  
Newman Piano sonata no. 6  
Powell Over the hills and...  
Reynolds Three pieces for piano (1982)  
Shlomowitz Finnissy (2006)*  
Skempton Mickey Finn (2006)  
Skempton Toccata (in memory of Morton Feldman) (1988)  
Stoneham Body to centre (1990)*  
Stoneham For Michael on his 60th (2006)*  
Tanaka Crystalline  
Toovey Fragments after Artaud (1988)  
Toovey Michael's harmony (2006)  
Toovey The moon falls through Autumn  
Toovey Out jumps Jack Death! (1989)*  
Xenakis Evryali (1973)  
Cage A flower (1950)  
Cage Aria (1958)  
Cage Experience (1948)  
Cage Mirakus II (1984)  
Cage Sonnekus II (1985)  
Dillon Evening rain (1981)  
Feldman Only (1947)  
Scelsi Three latin prayers (1970)  
Feldman Principal sound (1980) organ
Morison/Opit One viola vla
Reeves Pandora (1988) guitar
Scelsi Tre pezzi (1957) tromb
Ayres Violin and piano (1986) vn, pf
Blake The honey gathering song (1999) fl, pf
Barry Low cl, pf
Cage The wonderful widow of eighteen springs voice, pf
Cage Nowth upon Nacht (1984) voice, pf
Cardew Three songs voice, pf
Carpenter Sonatinas (1974) vc, pf
Clapperton Elegy (1988) vla, pf
Clapperton Miss Jessy Lewars (1988) voice, pf
Clapperton When soft voices die (1988) vn, pf
Cohen Penetrating/stillness fl, vc
Feldman Durations II vc, pf
Feldman Intermission 6 for two pianos pf(2)
Feldman Piano (three hands) (1957) pf(2)
Feldman Piano (four hands) (1958) pf(2)
Feldman Piece for two pianos (1957) pf(2)
Feldman The viola in my life III (1970) vla, pf
Feldman Vertcal thoughts (1963) vn ,pf
Finnissy Videtis enim interiorem (1990) voice, vc
Finnissy Cantet nunc aula caelestium (1962) fl, pf
Finnissy Einfältiger-Liederkreis (2015) cl, pf
Guram Piccolo sonata (2002)* picc, pf
Harvey Flight elegy vn, pf
Johnson Sonata (1989) cl, pf
Maintz SPIN vn, pf
Morison Autres feuilles (1989) vib, pf
Newland Synchroni vc, pf
Newman Songs voice, pf
Newman Sad secrets (1982) voice, pf
Newman Broken promises (1983) voice, pf
Pritchard Kit (1999)* cl, voice
Reynolds Between A and B vn, vla
Saxton Crystallen fl, pf
Scelsi Ko-lho (1966) fl, cl
Scelsi Rucke di guck (1957) picc, ob
Scelsi Suite (1953) fl, cl
Toovey An die musik (1989) voice, vib
Toovey Cântec (1986) vla, pf
Toovey Fallen (1992) voice, vn
Toovey (Nobody'll know) (1988) vc, pf
Toovey Whisper(ingly) crumbling (into) silence (1988)* perc(2)
Wilkinson Different cultures (1990)* vla, pf
Xenakis Charisma (1971) cl, vc
Zev Gordon False Relations vn, pf
Barry In the asylum vn, vc, pf
Clapperton Whan that I see you daunce (1987) cl, vc, pf
Clapperton Hymn of the little hours (1989) vn, vc, pf
Clapperton The parliament of four futtit beists (1990) ob, vc, pf
Crane Trio fl, cl, pf
Cutler Five mobiles after Alexander Calder cl, vla, pf
Cutler Bartlebooth (2005) cl/sax, vc, pf
Dean Cascades (1988) vn, vla, vc
East Ek-stasis (2002)* cl, vc, perc
Feldman Crippled symmetry (1983) fl, perc, pf
Feldman Crippled symmetry (1983) fl, perc, pf
Feldman Durations IV vn, vc, vib
Feldman Instruments III (1977) fl, ob, perc
Finnissy Botany bay (1983) voice, fl, cl
Finnissy WAM (1992)* fl, cl, pf
Finnissy Scotch tape (2006) cl, vc, pf
Harvey The riot (1993) fl, b.cl, pf
Hayes 3 buoys* vn, vc, pf
Hayes Trio* bass cl, vn, pf
Hughes Media vita (1991)* vn, vc, pf
Lee Space (1992) fl, cl, pf
Koskinen Brunelda's song (2002) Eb cl, perc, pf
Lindberg Ablauf (1988) cl, 2 perc
Sarhan 2 songs cl, vn, perc + tape
Scelsi String trio vn, vla, vc
Toovey Shimmer bright (1988) vn, vla, vc
Toovey Shining forth (1987) vn, vc, pf
Toovey Still far off (1990)* fl, ob, pf
Weir Several concertos fl, vc, pf
Weir Piano trio vn, vc, pf
Ayres String quartet (1987)* vn(2), vla, vc
Ayres Quartet with Eb clarinet (1988)* Eb cl, vn, vc, pf
Clementi Scherzo cl, fl, vn, pf
Cutler Cave d'oro cl, hn, vn, pf
Fargion Pining for Madame Lupukhov (1985) vn(2), vla, vc
Feldman Structures (1951) vn(2), vla, vc
Feldman Durations I (1960) alt fl, vn, vc, pf
Feldman Four instruments (1975) vn, vla, vc, pf
Finnissy Casual Nudity (2001)* bass fl, db, pf, perc
Finnissy Giant abstract samba (2002) cl, vn, vc, perc, pf
Finnissy Independence quadrilles (1988) fl, vla, pf
Finnissy Le lay de Founteinne voice, fl, ob, vib
Finnissy Marcel Duchamp, the Picabia and Appolinaire attend a performance of 'Impression d'Afrique' by Raymond Roussel at the Theatre Antoine* fl, vn, 2 pf
Hodges Small shadows (1990)* cl, vn, vc, pf
Hughes The desolate field (1989) voice, pf, vn, vc
Johynson O Vos (2003)* cl, vib, vn, vc
Montague Paramell VI (1975) vc, fl, cl ,pf
Morison Texte flottant (1990)* perc, vn, vla, vc
Morison/Opit II (1991)* fl, pf, vn, vc
Newman String quartet (1981)* vn(2), vla, vc
Parsons; Syzergy (1991)* ob, cl, tromb(2)
Reynolds Shifts (1984)  
Sahov Divertimenti cl, pf, vn, vc
Toovey String quartet (1987) vn(2), vla, vc
Toovey White Fire (1988)* cl, vn, vc, pf
Ayres Piece with running from left to right and back again (1999)* pf(2), perc, vn, vc
Cage Five (1988) fl, cl, tromb, voice, vn
Cage Concerto for piano and chamber ensemble (1958) pf, voice, fl, cl, tromb, vn(2), vla(2), vc
Cardew Volo solo (1965)  
Clapperton Meditation in wyntir (1992)* fl, ob, perc, pf, vn, vc
Crane See Our Lake (1999)* fl, cl, perc, vn, vc
Crane Preludes I-V (1985)  
Feldman The viola in my life I (1970) fl, pf, perc, vla, vc
Feldman For Franz Kline (1962) hn, voice, pf, perc, vn, vc
Finnissy Chant d'amour  
Finnissy Ettelijke Bange Eenden (2002) vn, vc, cl, fl, pf, hps, perc, db
Finnissy Piano concerto no. 3 (1978) pf, ob, cl, tromb(2), vc, db
Finnissy Mars + Venus (1993)  
Finnissy Nowhere else to go (2003) fl, cl, vn, vc, db, pf, tape
Finnissy Traum des Sängers (1994) cl, perc, guitar, vn, vla, vc, db
Finnissy Warara (1982) voice, fl, cl, perc, vn, vc
Finnissy Unidivine comedy (2016)* fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, acc
Freisitzer 4th study on planes (2002)* fl, cl, vn, vc, db, pf, perc
Garland Quintet (1987)* sax, perc, vn, vla, vc
Giorgetti Hebban Olla Vogala  
Hamilton Frank O'Hara on the phone (2003)* fl, cl, vn, vc, db, pf
Hannan Centrifugal Bumblepuppy (1999)* fl, cl, vn, vc, pf, perc
Harrison The Ground (1999)* fl, cl, vn, vla, vc, db, pf, perc
Hayes Alluvial (1999)* fl, cl, vn, pf, perc, vc, db
Hayes Snapshots (1994) fl, cl, vn, vc, db, pf
Karski Matter of perspective b fl, b cl, vn, vc, pf
Kay Godafoss/Breaking waves (2002) fl, cl, perc, vn, vc, db, pf, perc
Kouliandski Brown study (2002)*  
Matuszewski Concoction (2002)*  
Nettleship Cau Giay (2016)* fl, cl, vn, vc, pf
Newland dub30.09.99 (1999)*  
Newman Big Alsace  
Newman Berlin Note Rows speaker, various instruments
Österling Nature mort (1997)* fl, cl, vn, vc, pf
Perocco Prima del viaggio (2003)* fl, b.cl, vn, vc, db, pf
Petrovski Honey 'n' blood (2002)* fl, cl, vn, vc, db, pf
Powell Concerto da Tasso (1999)* pf, mezz, ensemble
Rolfe Fêtes de la faim voice, fl, cl, perc, pf, vn, vc
Rizzuto Everybody's leaving (2002)*  
Skempton Broadside (1991)*  
Stoneham Rictus (1991)* fl, cl, vib, vn, vc
Toovey Adam (1990)* ob, cl, tromb(2), vc, db
Toovey Adom adamah (1991)* picc, cl, tromb, perc, voice, vn, vc
Toovey James Purdy settings (1999)*  
Toovey Einsamkeit/Shining/Embrace (1990)* pf, voice, vn(2), vla, vc
Toovey Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, Nee, Nee, Nee, Nee, Nee (1991)*  
Toovey Music for the painter Jack Smith (2002)* fl, cl, vn, vc ,db, perc, pf
Toovey Self portrait as a tiger (2003) fl, cl, vn, vc, db, pf
Toovey White Fire II (2001)* fl, cl, pf, perc, vn, vla, vc
Toovey Winter Solstice (1988)* fl, ob, cl, perc, vla, vc
Whitty can't.remember.how.it.starts (1999)* cl, vn, vla, vc, db, perc
(Various) IXION concerto for violin and viola (2004)* vn, vla, fl, cl, pf, vn, vc, db, perc

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